Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Squeezetoy Q & A

I get the occasional comment on my blog. I'm 30 views away from reaching 34,000 in my 'Thoughts of a Squeezetoy' lifetime. My daily average view count is not great but when a comment is left I never know if the person checks for my response. So here is my answer to my most recent comment!

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Anonymous said...
But the question is, what does it take to pull off a good Deadpool?

Do we get perks if we're hired for the photoshoot?

Squeeze toy said...
Well, I'm in support of all shapes and sizes for our beautiful humans, however, you'd have to be able to pull off a form fitting unitard comfortably! You have to have an air about you that denotes confidents borderline arrogance. Hold your head high, skip when you walk, swing your arms, and be oh so sarcastic and snarky!

I'm not asking for much...

Oh and perks? Now who doesn't want a giant picture of Deadpool and me on their wall? And you get my glorious company for a few hours. That gave me another idea! I cannot seem to find the picture I'm thinking of, a muscular man with long hair is carrying a woman in his arms atop a hill, or away from battle or some dramatic scene. Except I'd be carrying Deadpool.
Yep...this happened. At the comicon/expo I recently went to I ran into this guy. He posed for me and I asked if I could be in a picture with him, "Can I touch you?" His response was, "Sure, I'm all sweaty."

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