Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The pushup hatred

Let's get real for a second. My workout today involved mostly push-ups and burpees. I hate plyo pushups, HATE THEM! I hate burpees too but I can actually  do a lot of them now so my pride pushes me. But plyo pushups are another story.  I hate that after 4 years, almost 5, of exercising 6 days a week I can still barely do them. That being said, I used to be able to do 0, now maybe I can get 5-10 in. 

What is a plyo pushups? A pushups with movement. This one happens to be jumping from the peak of a close arm pushup to a wide pushup and back. Yes my form is awful, this was after my pushup/burpee workout. My arms are rubber!

Sorry it's so dark.

Maybe I'll post my 'detested workout of the week'. It's real, embarrassing being all sweaty, showing my body, showing my fail and in this case my bad form. Exercising is rough, frustrating and so hard. Then on the other hand, the rage kind of fuels my motivation...and the fact that, while laying here to stretch my hips, I almost dropped my phone on my face because my arms are do tired.

If I can do it, you can do it.

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