Friday, May 5, 2017


Costume made by Lillie Mae's Steam Trunk

The expo has come and gone! Flounder my way was a success and people actually knew who I was! It was great to be well received and even have people compliment me on my costume design and idea. Already planning my next costume, sneak peek coming soon!

 I was thankful for the tip I received to wear dancer's pantyhose, not just to make my legs look awesome, but actually for warmth! Worked great.

Lesson learned this time around? Footwear is important. Next time I'll be pickier on what footwear I choose, I'll practice walking in them more and in turn not kill my feet!

Something else I chose to do that I am thankful for is wearing little shorts under my bustle. I knew it would be short so I searched to find something to wear under it in case I had to kneel down, bend over, sit...even walk. I didn't want just plain shorts and I actually found these cute lacy ones. They worked so well and looked awesome! Thank you FashionMeme for the design and idea and even having the yellow I needed! Ordering some for in black and white for my summer dresses, no more mooning strangers!

The owner of the FashionMeme Etsy shop asked to use a picture for promotional reasons. Perfect...

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