Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I never knew Tom Hardy even existed, until I saw Mad Max. That movie was amazing and was instantly one of my top 10 favorites, Tom's performance being perfect. I had to catch Taboo and yet again I was taken by him. That being said, there are performances he's done in the past where he didn't catch my eye. People have told me he's in some movies, such as Star Trek: Nemesis and my reaction is "No, really?" I have secveral movies I need to rewatch now.

There are several movies I've wanted to make a point to see, Bronson being one of them. I tend to not look into a lot of movies prior to watching them as I don't want to have a pre-conceived idea of what to expect based on other people's opinions. So, I thought Bronson was about a boxer. Ummm...not really?

I loved this movie, the perfect mix of strange, a dash of crazy, tossed with some volience and that whole mood I love so much. Made me think of Snatch. It was great and Tom did amazing. Surely a very different role than I've seem him play to date. And yes, he's fully nude in it. However, he's nude so often that it just becomes part of the hole experience and I started to not even notice.

I'd like to watch it again listening more intently as I always have a hard time with British accents. Growing up surrounded by European ones maybe?

Absolutely not a movie for everyone, but it sure is one for me!

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