Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Been a rough few weeks with a lot if stress eating. Just bad choices and no self control, luckily my workouts have not wavered. I started asking myself why bother, then I had a little boost. I was at a movement and meditation class that I'm taking and one of the attendees comes up to me. She asks if I go to the gym so I tell her I workout at home. She started asking me what workouts I do so I ask why. She tells me she wants my ass and that I must work at it because it's "wonderful". At first I was going to brush it off, deny my butt and make excuses or put myself down. Instead I said, "You know what? I do work hard! And yes, I built this ass!"

I need to remember to do this for me. Extrinsic motivators come and go which makes them difficult to use consistently. I am strong, I love seeing proof that my body is strong and love the way I feel when I eat right. Yesterday I ate well and my mood was so different. Today is another fresh day with a chance to do it again!

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