Monday, May 29, 2017

Broken tunes

When I started running trails last year I got a pair of wireless earbuds. I hate earbuds, my ears are just not build for them. They never stay in and I hate the way they feel. I have a really hard time finding any that will even fit and stay in my ears comfortably. Adding the need for them to be wireless just makes it even more impossible to find any.

For my plyo and interval training, with lots of fast movements and jumping, I resorted to wearing headbands over my ears just to hold the earbuds in. It worked. Well, the left bud has konked out on me. I've been using them for all my workouts for the last year so maybe this is the normal life expectancy for lower cost earbuds? I'm still annoyed.

I ordered ones on Kickstarter that were costly, they still haven't shipped and may be delayed longer. I was really hoping these would last me long enough for my new ones to come in! I should have just ordered a pair of RunPhones in the first place. Grrrr...

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