Saturday, January 5, 2013

Game night: Gloom

This game was quite fun and I wouldn't mind playing some day with a bunch of drunks.

So you each have a family and your goal is to make them miserable, and when you feel they have had enough you kill them off! So you basically get negative points for making them miserable and the person with the highest negative score of dead members only at the end of the game wins. Sounds easy enough...however your opponents are in the meantime killing off your family members with a weak score, giving them positive scores, or just generally screwing up your strategy in many other ways.

Othe really fun part to the story is each card you play has a statement on it to add to your story. So each player has to make up filler from the previous card's statement to the new card's statement. Quite entertaining I must say! I had a "Newlywed" who "Suffered from sores". I bet some of you can guess who I filled in that gap...

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