Monday, January 7, 2013

My Stick...

I will only buy a car if it has a manual transmission. I started driving when I was about 12 on my grandparents farm and my first owned car was a good old Tempo when I was 19. I've owned 4 cars in my life, only one of them being an automatic transmission and I forever dub that purchase as a huge mistake.

My current car is far from new however finding manual transmissions does not seem to be as easy anymore and I fell in love with this car at first sight on kijiji. I always wonder when people borrow my car or I bring it in for repairs if they have any issues driving it. You see, the gear map on my shifter has long since disappeared. I had it at one point and considered gluing it on, then figured there was no point as I know the gears. Then I considered replacing the worn stick however that would cost $200 and that decision was also put on the back burner. Unfortunately with older cars there is always something more pressing to fix than the aesthetic view of the shifter. So now I get to enjoy watching the numerous attempts some have to make in figuring out how to put here in reverse.

Oh and companion on my way home from work tonight was totally a big bowl of popcorn. Mmmmmm

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