Friday, January 18, 2013

Let it slide...

I'm not normally a Starbucks drinker, however I've learned to stomach their mochas (with no whip and added hazelnut) as when I've been offered a Starbucks from a friend or coworker I'd never know what to order.

Well yesterday I received a giftcard for some extra tech help I provided to one of our contractors. Stayed after my regular hours to help and they were obviously very thankful. Knowing today would be crazy I decided to swing by Starbucks on my way to work and use the giftcard before I lose it.

I was reminded today that I am Starbucks inept. I go up to order, first off I forget to say 'grande' and order a medium. The girl at the till makes a point to say, "Oh you want a grande..." So I order my mocha with hazelnut and no whip. "How many pumps?" What do you mean how many pumps?! "Well would you like 4 of each syrup? Or 2 and 2?" Ummmm, I have no idea, lets do 2 and 2. Then I realize she keyed in toffeenut instead of hazelnut. When the person making it asked for clarification she said hazelnut, looks at the till then says, "No toffeenut." I was still distracted with the whole pump conversation and honestly had no clue what a toffeenut was so I decided to let it slide.

Now that I am sitting at my desk sipping my "grande half sweet toffeenut mocha, no whip" I feel better. It's not bad, I believe the next time someone asks me if I want something from Starbucks I will look up this post and text them that exact line! I would seem so well-versed in the Starbucks lingo. 

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