Monday, January 7, 2013

Game Night: Elder Signs

The Sunday night game was Elder Signs. This one was quite fun after our bad experience of attempting Last Night on Earth. My issue with these games is I ALWAYS think of questions and scenarios that are not outline or explained in the rulebooks! So I'm left wondering or making up rules. Elder Signs again I had a questions that was not explained so I'm not sure if we really won or not as we kind of made the rule based on what we read in the rule book and some answers in the online FAQ but there was still no direct answer to my specific question/situation anywhere. My question was simple, can we use two spells, unique items etc. at the same time allowing the addition of 2 dice to the dice pool.

So, this game looks quite detailed when being set up. I first sat down at the table and thought, "Oh man what is all this..." Even though there are so many pieces and it looks very confusing it was quite straight forward and laid out in a way that it was very easy to follow. You basically have this boss that is trapped and as you progress through the game you get 'doom tokens' and after the bosses progression bar is filled with these tokens he is released which brings on the players attempting to fight him. The main game play is rolling dice to try and match the requirements on the chosen card for your character to be in, winning these rolls you acquire spells, items etc. that you can use to add dice to the dice pool, re-roll, lock a die etc. You also receive and collect Elder tokens, when you receive 11 Elder tokens the game is won, otherwise the monster is released and from what I was told from those playing last night that is bad news and we will all die lol.

A few things I learned last night was:
- I suck at dice rolling until there is some epic move I need to make and happen to get every single one I need!
- I ask too many questions and there are never enough answers
- I think way too much about things and imagine these scenarios that probably have a chance of 1 in a million of happening but I still need a rule for it!
- Girl characters in this game may be smart but are also too squishy!  

In the end this was a very fun game and I look forward to playing it again...even tried talking them into a second round last night...stupid having to get up early to go to work in the morning!

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