Friday, January 25, 2013

Movie happy

Well finally, I was able to get out to see Django Unchained. I've been silently tortured watching people on blogs and Facebook seeing Django and writing these pathetic posts on how good it was. You cannot judge a Quentin Tarantino film in any way, good or bad, if you are not familiar with his work and the style of movies he does. I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion but I feel Mr. Tarantino deserves educated criticism where it is due.

I adore Tarantino films, except for Kill Bill, and any time a new one is out I cannot wait to see it. I will say that Django Unchained was...for a lack of a better word...epic! This brutal portrayal of the times of cotton picking and slavery was horrifying and yet paired with the satisfying demise of many white power plantation owners and their men. The casting was superbly done, I am so proud of Leonardo for joining the Tarantino family in such a controversial role. I have always respected and enjoyed DiCaprio as an actor, not in the 'I have the hots for him' way, but in the 'he really is an amazing actor with such diverse parts' way. This role was really deserving of a congratulations and great respect.

This film was an orgy of violence, love, drama and comedy...the perfect mix of each. I could just listen to Christoph Waltz talk for hours...that man...

Django Unchained will be joining the ranks of my favourite Tarantino films and my movie collection will have this addition alongside Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms, Inglorious Bastards, Sin City and Reservoir Dogs. Tarantino you rock...even though I actually kind of find you and your mind curious and quite terrifying.

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