Monday, January 14, 2013

It's done...

I follow a few television series and without cable or satellite TV I am either playing a game on my PC, crocheting or lying in bed as I watch. Most of the time when watching a series or movie I'm sitting at my computer in front of my one monitor with the video playing tiny in the top left hand corner and my game window re-sized to allowed for the video to be seen. This always limits what I can play as I've noticed many games lag dramatically when watching anything in HD.

After thinking about it for too long, and having no room on my desk, I decided to add a second monitor. Now that school is done I was able to pack up the piles of paper and text books that have plagued my desk for the past 2 years, and added the small monitor I had lying around. With that being said now I just need to find time to actually use it and watch something! 

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