Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The gluten-free journey seems to revolve around finding the perfect substitute for the things I used to eat. I have not quite been convinced to look at it as a new way of eating...more of an inconvenience. I also have not quite made the jump to take gluten out beer. I hear gluten-free beer sucks big time. I don't have a sensitivity and do not notice a difference in the way I feel without gluten, so I'm ok with the occasional indulgence.

Wondering around the drug store of all places, I happened to find quinoa pasta. Rice pasta is ok, however I find it rubbery so I was curious. A few years ago talking about quinoa someone would have thought it was some exotic dish made of flowers and...brains or something. Now it's everywhere and we all know this tiny little grain. Now they are making pasta with it! We'll see, in the pot it goes. Needles to say I'm sceptical.

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