Monday, May 13, 2013

Game night!

I try and do as many game nights as my busy schedule allows. Usually I am in mixed company leaning to mostly males who are interested in playing these types of games. I had an idea, what I thought was a great idea, and invited my very limited female group of friends for a game night. Margaritas were made, guacamole was mashed, chocolate sauce was drizzled on strawberries and we were off! 

Attempting Gloom was not a great idea and I ended up killing off one player just so we could finish and move onto a new game. It was interesting how women didn't get into the games as much as men. I find Elder Signs a fairly easy game to follow, even though I'm always picking up the instructions, the play order is straight forward. I still found it not as easy and comfortable playing as I do with my other groups of friends. It was fun however I'm not convinced that I will host an only girls game night again.

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