Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I try.

I always love the look of a manicured woman, and I try. By manicure I mean fingers and toes done, a nice tan and awesome hair. I just cannot maintain it! I have better things to do than spend an hour getting ready in the morning....like sleep! Getting fingers and toes done every 3 weeks with hair appointments on top! Nope. It's hard enough to get up and exercise every day. I love having my nails done and started getting in for that again. Every time I end up breaking one and I'm starting to wonder again what's the point.

1 week into this set. Moved soil, shovelled, wheel barrow, carried raised garden bed frames...didn't break any! Go to the family farm, opened and closed 2 barbed wire gates twice to get the quad on the hill for a ride, no problem. Later that day I undo my fucking seatbelt and...SNAP. Sigh...wouldn't be so bad if I had an epic story to go with every break. Going to keep them until a friend's upcoming wedding, then I'm done!

I guess I just need to get with a manicured woman. Then I can enjoy it without having to do all the work.

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