Friday, March 21, 2008

I found loneliness in the company of others...

How come...after working all day outside surrounded by people...I'm so lonely?
It's's like a stench that has saturated my skin...I can smell it in my hair.

by Joel Plaskett
I feel foolish
I wanna drink too much
You look Polish
Got a wicked sense of humor
I feel dizzy, and I want your touch
Let's get tipsy, and start a rumor.

I feel restless here
I can't sit still
Everybody at this party's got their fingers in the till
I bet their parents are ridiculously loaded
Let's get moving, before I'm loaded.

The dancers need a dancefloor,
The swingers gotta swing,
Fashionable people doing questionable things

I really like you, and I hope you like my band.
I like your boyfriend too,
Do you think he undersdtands
I can't remember, how he ended up out here.
But all good things have got to start somewhere.

I don't wanna hang around in someone elses scene
So ditch him, he's no good for you
Ditch him, do the switcheroo
Switch him, switch him up with me
Leave him in the ditch, and you can hitch a ride for free

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