Thursday, March 6, 2008

Now the devil, she must be a dentist

So I have a new dentist. After some unfortunate things happening at my previous dentist, it was time to change. This dentist decided I needed my one wisdom tooth I have left removed so he sent me to a I use the term 'specialist' loosely.

I walk into this older office, personally, you'd think someone who makes as much money as a dentist would be able to have a nic
e office to represent them. I took time off work and closed the office in order to get to this 'consultation'. 15 minutes late they take me to the back. I walk in the back room to see rows of dental chairs...turn a corner down a small hallway and emerge from the hallway right into some guy asleep on a table with two people in scrubs stuffing their bloody hands in his mouth. The assistant I was following quickly closed the curtain and ushered me down another hall.

As she's talking to me, I cannot even focus, all I can picture is these tables side by side and this guy right out in the open getting surgery done. She starts going over the procedure of being put to sleep and I interrupt. Absolutely not, I've never gone under and I never intend to if I can help it. I don't need to be put to sleep to have a tooth pulled, give me a break. S
he starts going on about moving and pain and everything so I explained to her...

I had my other wisdom tooth pulled while I was in getting routine fillings done. My mouth was frozen and the dentist said "while you're froze, do you want me to pull this out?" I said, "uuuuh, ok..." and he said "ok lets prep for surgery!". I was shocked but it was done, a little shaky and I went to work right after. So don't
give me crap about pain and other excuses.

I left the consultation feeling sick to my stomach and shaky, I went back to work thinking there is no way I can bring myself to go there for this procedure...

After going through years of braces, retainers and even headgear (that's right, don't laugh) dentists are the least of my fears. I am not afraid! Just cut me open and rip it out, but PLEASE don't put me to sleep...that is what terrifies me. So scary...

If I am lucky, i will never have to be put to sleep. I'll keep all my parts and tough it out thanks.

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