Sunday, March 30, 2008

The 'Zoomers' tell me I can do anything I want...yet they are the ones holding the door closed...

Canada is booming, jobs everywhere. Companies are finding that they have to do more then just pay their employees well in order to keep them...because lately there is always something better out there. Companies are now offering anything from health packages to extra holidays and trips in order to keep employees. Money is not the only thing anymore. With all this growth, the different demographic groups are finding new opportunities. I recently read in Marketing Magazine that many employers are segmenting the working population into the following groups:
  • 35-40 male/female, married or single with no children, that is working up the ladder, but just cannot get to where they want to be.
  • 35- male/female who works very hard with no time for their family or anything else.
  • 25-30 male/female who live off their parent's wealth
  • 17+ who's parents are paying for all their education and will not have to work through school
  • 25 male/female who have a rich life, but no money. Huge debts.
  • 21 male/female who's parents paid for their first trip through school and will paying for the second right away because they could not find work with their first piece of paper.
All these groups are being pushed down by one major called the Zoomers. They are males, age of 44+ and control 77% of Canada's wealth. They travel more, own more homes and pay for more of their children's lives then any other member of the population. They are looking to live their life to the fullest. This is also the population that tells their children they are capable of doing anything they want, yet when you get to the door of opportunity, they are the same people that are shoving the bookcase up against the other side.

I recently applied for a position at a bio-diesel company that opened an office in my
town. I have experience working with oil and gas companies while I was working for an engineering company. I was the only female in that office and did very well, was one of the top inside sales reps. I also have the education required for the position they were filling. This company would not even return my phone calls. I sent in a resume and called several times and heard nothing. I finally went down to their office and inquired about the hiring process. The man at the desk looked at me, did not ask my name or my resume and said "We are currently looking for a different type of person. We can always keep your resumé on file." How did you know I wouldn't fit? You did not know my education, background, work experience anything. So it was either my age...or my tits. Take your pick I guess. I do know, they filled their office and are all men, 35+. So why, when I graduate with honours and am told by my program leader and instructor that I should pursue all these opportunities and that I can go so far in life...people of his same demographic group are shooting me down.

It is not the first time and will not be the last I am sure. At least sit me down, get to know me a little and then make your decision. I toured a local brewery last year, received a personal tour by one of the top management of the company due to a bad case of bear I had purchased. He even showed me their labs and bought me lunch in the restaurant. I spent almost 3 hours with him. After the tour was finished, he offered me a job on their marketing team, just on the spot. He was honest with me as well, and said that when he first saw me he never expected my personality and knowledge. So how do I change this? I did not take the job due to the fact I had just moved to get away from that city. But if I were to ever go back, I would call them first. Companies need to see that the Zoomers are not offering the promised opportunities, and when they all retire at the same will be in trouble.

I was taught by my parents to work hard and reach my goals the right way. I worked three jobs while in college the first time and worked full time my second way through. I now have 2 diplomas and no student loans, so do not tell me that our generation does not know the meaning of work and don't tell me that we are lazy and disrespectful...and stop asking me when I plan to have children!

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