Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tour de....Pants??

I had one of those situations today...the 'what if' is back at me. What if I wouldn't have said anything...or even better, what if what I said was in fact a lie, instead of the truth. I wish I wasn't telling the truth...but I am. I'm sorry. The tears have sprung to my eyes once tonight...so in order to not dwell...let me talk about...Jared...

So, this guy, Jared Fogle lost 245 lbs on the so called 'subway diet'. So, tell me this...if I ate nothing but white bread, processed meats and some veggies...can I make tons of money and gain fame by flashing my old pants on TV for 10 years? Yes? OK! I have a pair of my fat pants in the closet, from the good old days of weighing 180lbs when I was 14, let me dig them out for you! You can take pictures, touch them, hell, lick them! Oh, I'll just tell you I did it while eating from Subway...and ignore the fact that it was hard work and determination that made me who I am today.

I don't understand why this guy is so popular...honestly. I do love however, that South Park did an episode with the icon Jared. He was touring, so the boys had the great idea to get Butters fat and then have him lose weight eating City Wok and making an add. Jared runs around this episode telling everything that he lost weight by having AIDS, and that he'll 'give AIDS to everyone'! The assumption that the virus is what made him lose weight makes the show special. However, he means aids, as in personal trainers and such. I cannot find a specific clip for a part with Jared, but here is a small clip of what Jared's fame encourages these kids to do...

Now to top all this off, Jared is now touring with his 'fat pants'. They named the tour Tour de Pants...funny? He's been working with Subway for 10 years, and outlasted 4 ad agencies. Obviously, he means something to consumer and there has to be a reason he's still around. His pants may represent hope for a certain piece of the population and I respect that. However, I read that they may end up in a museum after!! So this is what it takes to get into museums these days, some dude's pants that he wore before losing weight while eating Subway.

Well that's OK I guess. Have to go with the flow right? hmmmm...I think I'll go get Subway! Or even better, I'll eat something healthy made in my own kitchen, and keep my fat pants in my closet...to use as a tent later in life. ; )

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